Lunch & Learn: Encourage Your Employees to Improve Their Health (and Lower Your Company's Benefits Expense) with Entertaining Speaking Programs by David Shiring

Corporate executives frequently ask “Why is our medical insurance expense increasing so rapidly?”

What you should be asking is “Why are our employees getting so sick in the first place?”

As a former Chief Financial Officer myself, my search for answers led me to examine the relationship between diet, exercise and health, but the important revelations occurred when I expanded my investigation to include the effect of our brain on these relationships.

This yielded some surprising concepts that I explain in my presentations.

Health insurance and medical claims are one of your company’s largest benefit-related expenses.

If only a handful of unhealthy, or potentially unhealthy, employees adopt my “Big Three” zero cost, zero sweat ideas for improving their health, your company can save tens of thousands of dollars of  employee health related expense.

These ideas are presented in a fun, entertaining format incorporating humor and lots of props to illustrate key points, so employees learn:

  • Why they eat
  • What they eat
  • Zero cost, zero sweat ideas to improve their health, and
  • A technique to motivate themselves to implement those ideas while being entertained and having fun.

Contact Dave for your next event. He has 10+ topics related to improving you/your company’s employees’ health amazingly without increasing costs and several others on healthcare.